It is a triple threat issue this week from the Nerd Cave as we bring together myself, Roejen, and OND semi regular Tom to talk about the first two episodes of the Disney Plus Obi Wan Kenobi show.  We also take a look at an insane 4th of July LARP in Poland where everyone pretends to be American.

In this issue we celebrate the triumphant return of the Mexican Pizza and ponder if it will live up to the hype.  We talk about casting news for Dune part two and spoil the crap out of Doctor Strange and Moon Knight.

The man, the myth, the legend Roejen makes his triumphant return to the Nerdcave.  In this issue we toast with some Natural Light Vodka and talk about Moon Knight, the Academy Awards, Cosplay, Space Dive and go on one of our most meandering conversations thus far.  We got so turned around we are going to have to record another episode to get to some of the epic stuff we ran out of time for.

March 11, 2022

Issue No.026 - OG Gamers

For Women's History Month we have a special guest in the Nerd Cave, my friend Jen.  She is an OG Gamer and we talk about some of our favorite video games and other nerdy topics.  

Don't call it a comeback, well I guess you could call it a comeback since there hasn't been a new episode since Christmas, but making a triumphant return it is the Old Nerds Drinking podcast.  In this issue I am joined by Jake, from Jake and Tom Conquer the World and we are talking the Book of Boba Fett.  

December 24, 2021

Issue No.024 - Bebop

It is a Christmas miracle, OND is back.  It's the holiday season and somewhere Hans Gruber is falling from the Nakatomi Tower but we were here to talk about the release and cancelation of the Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop adaptation.  In addition there is a whole slew of other great things we get on talking about as well.  So much that it is going to be spread out to a two part issue.  Enjoy part one this festive holiday as we look forward to getting back to regular episodes next year.

Well maybe not EXACTLY a year.  In this Issue we drink old scotch, talk about old games, and gush about Dune.

An Issue over three weeks in the making!  After a brief hiatus where I was desperately trying to paint my army for the Michigan GT, OND is BACK... from the past.  This episode was recorded back at the end of September but the aforementioned con preparations prevented me from getting anything done with it.  In this issue we discuss Shang Chi and the Ten Rings as well as a good chuck of Marvel's What if...?  Then Roe and I spend some time talking about RPGs.  Fear not members of the OND Nation.  Releases should be back on a more regular schedule.

September 10, 2021

Issue No.021 - Rocket Man

In an excited plus sized issue Rojen and I sample some Moonshine from his trip to the deep south.  We also give a touching tribute to another lost member of the nerd world.  We spoil all the Marvel What If...? episodes so far.  Finally we talk about the new miniature game we are playing and me dragging Roe into the world of 3d printing.

Back from vacation with a whole load of adult beverages to taste from the great norther reaches of Michigan.  Of course there is also some nerdy conversation about some upcoming movies and roleplaying games.

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